Efkhareesto Greece

This can speak for itself

Whilst in Lemnos, one trip that we did was the Best of Lemnos.  We were taken to a modern winery to taste the wine (and purchase of course) and then to a traditional winery.  The tour was wrapped up at this amazing restaurant where the food was scrumptious.  Best food I had in Greece.

Barrels of wine maturing in the traditional winery

Even though Muscat is one of the popular grapes, there is a Lemnos grape that has been doing quite well and that is the wine that I tasted and purchased.  And it was not bad.  For the most part white wine is produced more often than not than red wine because red wine generally is served at room temperature and since the days are so hot in Greece, it is hard to establish that temperature.  Therefore chill some white wine and you are good to go.

Me being, well, me ... with new friends Peter and Jill

At the traditional winery we also were introduced to the ouzo still.  All the mashed wine stuff (those are technical terms) are brought here from all over the island and put into this still where this one man produces the bulk load of the ouzo in the area.  Was not bad stuff but it likely could run your car as well.

The owner of the restaurant infront of his sign.

Well needless to say, I was in fine form after wine and ouzo tasting and very much enjoyed the company and the trip.  I think the most important thing to do when you visit a different culture and country is to get out and expose yourself to the culture and the people.  That way you really have visited the place!

The entire gang.