Life Can Throw You Curve Balls

My view as I climb up a mountain in Greece. This is easier than the internal mountain of my soul.

You know, I don’t think very many people know what it is like to uproot oneself mid-life and move to an entirely new country and re-establish yourself after 3 years of upheaval.  On your own. Now I am not complaining as I chose this path.  However, our society is really not set up to handle such non-conformity and nor are many of the people you meet.

Life can sometimes be a bit of an illusion

I am so grateful for the opportunity that has been afforded me this past number of years, and I could write a book about it.  But sometimes it is hard to hold it all together and to seem grounded to those who live life differently.  I know this is a transitional time and I am eager to see the outcome of this adventure.  I certainly don’t regret most of it.

An abandoned homestead stumbled upon in my exploration

However, what is interesting is how when challenged by such circumstances, a person responds and tries to grab on to anything which might provide a sense of direction and grounding.  When really what you need to do is to have a plan and just set the wheels in motion.  I have always said that I don’t regret anything that I have done in life, although I have to say that I do regret some things that have transpired in my life over the past couple of years.

The standing stones north of Stonehenge - in Avesbury.

But what can you do?  You live with it, forgive yourself for being human and move forward with the confidence to know that you are more than any individual who really doesn’t know you, can begin to deduce.  But during the times when the sky is cloudy it is hard to see oneself clearly.

That's a face of WTF in London meeting new friends.

But that is where is comes to one’s thinking.  What are the things that you say to yourself that you let other people’s opinions and statements strike you in your most vulnerable places?  That is where you can take back your control and power.  You don’t have to believe in what they say, because really everyone’s perception of reality is just that, their perception.  I think what’s important is the capacity to accept and forgive.  To be supportive and caring and ultimately to be kind.

Watch out world - try to take me on!

So this diatribe was just something I had to say.  Now, I have a job application to get in.  Look out world!