Brash and Beautiful Bulgaria

The view from our room at Victoria Palace - nice pool eh!

I have been so remiss getting in my posts.  So sorry.  Just lost the momentum.  So here is one of a couple about Bulgaria.  Off I went to Bulgaria with my friend Sylvia.  I have never been to Bulgaria nor had Sylvia so we both thought it would be a good place to go to.  We went to a location called Sunny Beach.  Well Sunny Beach is kind of like the Las Vegas of Bulgaria, but on the Black Sea.  It is loud, garish, a focus for partying and suntanning.

The busy Sunny Beach - lots of eastern Europeans - nice to get away from British enclaves

Despite this though, we experienced the strip a couple of nights and had a good laugh.  First though a little about Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west,Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east. With a territory of 110,994 square kilometres (42,855 sq mi), Bulgaria is Europe’s 14th-largest country.  The currency is the lev, which at the time of our trip £1 = ~2lv.  Things were substantially cheaper there than in Britain. So that was nice. The weather was gorgeous – mid-30s most days, sun shining and the Black Sea warm enough to enjoy but also cool enough to be refreshing.

Sylvia looking fab!

The language –  Bulgarian – shares some commonalities with Yugoslavian languages but I am told is closer to Russian.  The people in the hotel we stayed at – Victoria Palace – were very impressed as Sylvia tried our best every day to speak in Bulgarian to them.  Dobro utro – good morning.  Blagodarya – thank you etc…  It really makes such a difference when you try when you are in another country.  It can make the difference to them treating you kindly or brushing your off.

We had a full moon for the first two days of our visit - spectacular

However, speaking of the people – well eastern Europeans definitely have a different energy about them than the Western Europeans. However Eastern Europeans are a bit different in their communication style compared to Western Europeans and North Americans – it took a bit of getting used to and not seeing it incorrectly.  Not nearly as outwardly friendly upon first meeting.  Very brash with replies and at times verging on rude and insolent at least how we perceived it.  Sadly we were not very thrilled with our hotel – even though we had a great location and our room was in a great spot, in the 7 days we were there I room was never cleaned.  Towels were changed from time to time.  We chose that hotel too because there was a fitness centre – only to find out that is was closed due to water damage and we would have had to pay for it anyway.  You had to watch for these tricky items. We had a bit of a run in one night when we tried to park our car at the hotel with the security which turned very tense at one point and I had to do some conflict resolution.

Masses of sunflowers turning their faces to the sun

Anyway, this is just a quick post – as I will post more about our adventures – but welcome to Bulgaria.