Netherlands Comparative

The wonky buildings of Amsterdam

K.  I thought I had done one of these, but I had not.  I know in my other posts about my Amsterdam visit I did note that I was not overly enthralled by the place.  Since it is the only place I visited in the Netherlands, it perhaps is not fair to compare all of the Netherlands by this one experience.  So please note that this comparative is largely about Amsterdam.

The crowds in the red light district

First off, the Dutch people are TALL.  Very TALL.  I would gather some of the tallest in the world.  I am not overly enthralled with the sound of the language.  Not really something that flows sweetly in my ears.  I definitely prefer Italian for how it sounds.  It’s so pretty.  I didn’t find the people overly friendly but that could have been Amsterdam.  My logic for this is that there are a lot of young visitors there who have come for its reputation of parties and drugs.  So I think a lot of people are stoned and somewhat turned inwards.  In turn I imagine the people who live there also get a little tired of the visitors and why they are there.  So I think the feeling of unfriendliness may be a combination of the two.

I love this picture

Also, it could also be that the hostel I was staying in was not the best either.  I was in a dorm with 20 women which in those sorts of situations, that many people actually means individuals are less friendly than when it is just a room of 6 or 8.  And also, I so loved Berlin and that experience that perhaps the juxtaposition lent itself to a contrast.   Cost wise things were a little pricier than in other parts of Europe food wise and accommodation wise.  But given the traffic of visitors I don’t think that matters.

The Canal sure was pretty especially at night

Food wise, I didn’t find much about the Dutch food to draw me but in Amsterdam there is pretty much every ethnicity of food offered up anyway.  So there is lots to eat.  Given how many people must have the munchies, that is probably a good thing!!  Next time I try the Netherlands however, I think I will stay out of the main cities and hit the smaller towns.  Apparently they are very lovely and quaint and worth the visit.

Some of the beautiful architecture