Up Up and Away

The balloon from below

I have lived here almost a year.  One iconic visual presence is the Bournemouth hot air balloon.  Well to be honest, I don’t know if I can call it hot air anymore because it doesn’t use the traditional flame to control the rise and fall of the balloon.  However, regardless, it is a balloon with a basket and you get to rise above the skyline and observe Bournemouth, Poole, the Sea, the Islands, it let’s you see from a bird’s perspective.

Looking across Bournemouth from the balloon

So as I gathered with my new found Meetup group, we picnicked in the park prior to rising to the skies.

That would be Simon and Helen - sadly the result of a poor blackberry camera performance

It was a spectacular sunset and would it not figure that I did not bring my camera – so I was limited to my blackberry – so I apologise now for the limited quality of the photos.  I love my blackberry but when it comes to taking great pictures – it sucks.

Trying to capture the glorious sunset

Anyway, we had just come of a highly successful Bournemouth Air Festival weekend which attracted over 400,000 people.  I will post on that separately.  But what a glorious weekend, what a glorious day, what glorious people.

well that's our dock but let's just consider it artistic