Greek Restaurant Etiquette Needs to return to Britain

k. I haven’t posted in awhile but I have felt compelled to.

I have aves been living in Britain now for two and a half years. One thing I have noticed here and I notice it in Canada, is that when you go to a restaurant, pub or bar and whether for drinks or eating, they never serve you water anymore. NEVER. You have to ask for it specially and when you do you often get a big sigh and they try to upsell you to get expensive Perrier or something.

well here I am visiting Greece having not been here since 2007. I am in Thessaloniki. And what I love is whenever you sit down, anywhere, whether for a coffee, wine, cocktail or meal, the first thing they do before even asking you what you want or even whether your staying, is that they bring over a big pitcher of water and a glass. You can be on your on or with others. Water first questions second.

I love this. I find in Britain I feel like I am asking a big imposition to get a glass of water and they usually forget anyway because there is no money in it. Not only does this result in me often drinking more than I want but I am still wanting water.

I don’t know why this service has disappeared in these north Americanized cultures but it annoys me. Actually I do know why. It is about maximizing the profit. Well get off it. We are made up of 80 percent water or something like that. So any smart food service business should offer the ability to replenish our bodily fluids. Beside if we are healthier we will be around longer to patronize your business.

So keep up with the Greeks folks!