Caughtcha ya!

Every night this little sneaky raccoon comes up from its hiding place to eat the seeds that the birds have dropped from the feeders.  I think it is a female because it looks like it has had a litter.  But it is so cute.  Often when I catch it, it just stops and stares at me trying to determine if I am a threat or not.

Isn’t that a bit like life though.  We wander through it going after the things we want and need and in our encounters we decide whether whatever it is we are encountering is a threat or whether its safe to be part of our world.  Sometimes though what appears as safe, can actually be a veiled threat – you just don’t always know until time and events pass.

Yet at the same time, life is such a circle.  Here I am on Gabriola and a person I used to work with almost 10 years ago, has moved here and our fellow colleague is visiting.  Had a great chin wag last night.  Such in depth discussions about everything you can imagine.  I love such insightfulness and intelligence.

Still the crimson sun tries to make it through

But I digress.  The heat wave is somewhere above the wildfire smoke which is very thick now and it is just a wall of white as I look out across the ocean.  Good and bad I suppose.  Good because it is keeping the temperatures down which reduces the need for watering etc. but bad because it is the weekend and good hot sun is wonderful for going to the beach.  Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

Waiting on parts for an electric weed whacker before I can continue on the property.  I could tackle more blackberries but I have friends in town so perhaps I shall indulge in camaraderie instead.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  My writing juices are only just starting to get on a roll.  Not sure quite yet what I need to say though.