Crimson Red

Early Morning Sunshine

Well the heat wave is continuing. However with all the wildfires burning in BC, and with the current air stream, the smoke has blown over the coast reducing visibility.  Normally I can see over to Vancouver on bright clear days.  But not right now.  Although it is hot hot hot.  So the last couple of days, the early morning sun is a bright crimson red.  Unfortunately with my cell phone camera I am unable to capture how rapturously red it is.

It really is quite spectacular.  Smokey skies change yellow into red.  As I keep getting up so early I am able to capture these amazing sites.  Of course is also helps that I am house sitting at an amazing location.

Wildfire smoke reduced visibility

So between the hummingbirds, deer, squirrels, eagles, morning doves, and raccoons, it is quite a potpourri of nature and its offerings.  A lovely place to sit and just be, to meditate and absorb the world around me.