About S-J

So who the heck am I?  Good question.  No, just somewhat joking.  I am Sara-Jane.  I am a biologist by education and I specialize in diversity however for the most part have done research and strategic planning to earn a living.  I have lived a pretty eclectic and full life.  I have been very fortunate and have also been faced with a couple of challenges.  However, having spent 5 years building a natural hybrid house on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada, mostly on my own, and now having sold it, I found myself in a unique position.  I have no encumbrances.  No children, no pets, no house, no job, and no partner in life.  I am essentially as free as anyone could be.  So instead of doing the societal norm of running off to settle into yet another locale and finding a job, I realized that first of all, I did not know where I wanted to live next nor what I wanted to do.  I know I love to travel and write, so given that I have the means in the present to take the time to explore life a little bit, I thought that instead I would travel around the world.  This is my personal odyssey.

Part of this odyssey is to get clearer about aspects of myself.  What do I want to do with the second half of my life?  Where do I want to live?  What are my fundamental values that will remain unshakable?  Who will matter, who will not?  What purpose do I have?  Etc.. etc.. of course this line of questioning could go on forever.  But I figure since I will return to working for 75% of my waking hours, I want to do something that matters to me.  Not that I have not been doing something I care about, but I feel I have lost direction and focus.  Also my work left me fairly isolated and that was not good for my psyche.

So this journey is a journey of self-discovery.  What is the process and how it unfolds is still to be seen.  Even learning all the ins and outs of running a blog is part of the learning process.  I face this adventure with both fear and excitement.  The world is my oyster and I have been given a gift.  I mean to make the most of it.