Welcome to My Adventure

So in 2011 I afforded the tremendous opportunity to travel the world.  With no encumbrances I set forth to explore and find out whatever there was to find out.  I met some amazing people who have persisted as friends.  I found myself back in Canada at the end of 2011 but still restless and itching to do something still.  So here it is now 2012.  And once again I set off on another adventure.  I’m not really sure what my intention is or where I will end up, but I keep exploring.

I sold my house on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, a project that took about 5 years and is a story in and of itself.  I call it my giant sculpture.  It is a natural hybrid house.  I am very  proud of it as I built about 80% of it with my own two hands.  But it was a lot of work and a drain financially and emotionally, so its time and role in my life came to an end.

Luckily for me, I had some great friends on the island who let me house-sit for a little bit to facilitate the transition and to give me time to plan.  I sold off most of my possessions and kept my personal effects for the most part.  That was a difficult thing.  But it is amazing how material items can weigh you down.  When I returned from my 2011 round the world trip, I went back to BC and got rid of everything that couldn’t fit in my little Toyota Echo.  That was all that I allowed myself to have – whatever could fit in my car.  I was, afterall, having to drive across Canada for the second time in my life as I was going to temporarily live with my Mum until my next adventure.

My original question on my RTW journey in 2011 was  “What is my purpose and place in this world ?”  This question has evaded me most of my life and I am eager to try to find direction that feels solid and true.  I did not want to just move somewhere and get a job of sorts unless it really is true to what I want.  I had hoped the journey would shed light on this.  It did in someways.  Actually, that is a question that many people asked me about the 2011 journey – “what did I learn about myself.”  Well I learned a lot of things.

I learned that the world is not so nearly as a scary place as the media makes it out to be.  I learned that 99.9% of the people everywhere just want to get about their daily lives and really are not targeting you with the intent to hurt you.  Some are, and you must be vigilant and keep your antennae up, but most people are not.  I realized that travelling stimulates that performer in me who loves to have experiences to share with other people.  I also realized that no matter what country or what place, there are amazing people to meet and that I can do just fine just about anywhere.

So I continue to journey.  I have been saying that if this was 300 years ago, I would be a man with a sailboat.  But instead it is 2012 and I am a woman with legs so I can just walk where ever I need to go.   I am a modern day explorer.  I continue to live this unstructured and curious life much to the envy of many.  But remember there are the downsides of living this way.  I’m not going to list them because that would be focusing on the negative.  Instead I am focusing on what a great life I continue to live.  Join me on my continued journey.