Bula Bula OR Living in Paradise

Everywhere you look, tropical flowers, more beautiful than the last.

So yup, here I am.  Fiji.  Arrived at 5:15 am on the 24th (lost 21 hours or something going over the dateline).  It is amazing how many people are up at 5:30 am.  The air is still moderately cool relatively speaking – it’s 27 degrees celsius.  What a change from Gabriola and Toronto.  I hear it is snowing in Gabriola.  Sorry guys, I guess I’m gloating.  Can’t say I miss the snow, but I am not quite aclimatized for this heat just yet.

Balabala - Indigenous giant jungle fern whose stalks are used for these carvings. They are beautiful and very Fijian.

Balabala closeup detail

So I arrive at my hostel, Bamboo.  I am met by Peter, the owner.  A young New Zealander with blond dreadlocks.  It’s a family business.  He is really an island guy.  Relaxed, easy going, quiet, helpful and thoughtful.  $12 CAD or $20 FJD a night for a room in a four person female dorm.  My two roomates are two younger British girls.  They are quite nice but I have observed them go to great trouble every night to dress up and make up just to go out for dinner.  Heck, I can barely bother to shower – well not quite. Spent the first day just hanging at the hostel and walking the nearby beach.  I was exhausted.  The next day, now today as of my writing, I went to Beachcombe Island, snorkelled in the coral and was amazed at the incredibly beautiful fish.  I must have counted over 20 different types – or at least types and colourings.  I should have bought an underwater camera.  The colours and iridescence.  One fish was so colourful and flourescent – pink, orange, green, blue – it reminded me of a icicle pop and I just wanted to grab it and start licking.  Okay, that sounds a little weird, but that’s what it reminded me of.

Paradise for the day at Beachcombe Island

I walked the circumference of the island and then snorkelled for a good couple of hours.  Hint:  if snorkelling for an extended period of time, either where protective clothing or lots of water resistant sunscreen.  Given that it was cloudy, I did not and now I have a lovely red back, bum and back of legs.  The water is deceiving in its protection.  I knew better but I thought I could get away with it due to the clouds.

After a lovely island lunch, island band, happy hour, turtle feeding and just more R&R.  really this should be criminal it is so good.

Unfortunately, just prior to leaving Canada, I had had a small surgery on my foot and a couple of stitches.  Well eager to play in the sea and sand, I thought it would be o.k. after 7 days.  Well no.  So today, now my third day, I am taking it easy.  Just hanging out.  I don’t want to have an infection in Fiji.  A little bummed out though as I wanted to go for a run.  Well really, what a better place for a little feet up and updates.

Lounging inside the Beachcombe Resort looking out to the ocean