Sara’s Continuing Story

It is at times with wonderment and amazement that I live my life. Why or how did I get delivered this set of cards. So many people with such structured and normal lives and then there is mine. Not to say that the others don’t have interesting lives (and there shows up my constant need to make sure I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings) but I never had a drive for children and I have not had a clear calling of one sort or another. Even the naming of my self-employment as JOAT consulting (Jack – or should I say Jane – of all Trades) was one of necessity as I was more interested in variety and diversity compared to specialization in one area.  As I have always liked to say – I specialize in diversity.
I have at times felt a need to apologize for my difference. I have wondered why I don’t fit, why things that are considered “normal” don’t come easily to me.  But I no longer feel that way.  I embrace my uniqueness although the buck stops with me as, as I already mentioned, I didn’t have children, so the mould has been broken and this is the end of the line.  But that is fine, because honestly, with my craziness, it should be limited ! 🙂  In anycase, I have spent 2011 and 2012 travelling the world, exploring, meeting people, creating and maintaining this blog and discovering where to take my talents and skills.House sitting has become a regular occupation and allows me to see so many things and how so many people live.  And since my life is not conducive anymore to having a pet, it allows me having pets in my life from time to time but not having to make the long term commitment.  So once again I will find myself sitting in an airport to wait for my next plane to another new destination. Life continues to ebb and flow. I have good days and I have bad.  I am greatly appreciative of Mother Nature and of all the creations she populates this earth with (perhaps let’s put humans to the side for now) and I cherish them all. But as a human I am bound to earn money/make a living, contribute to the ongoing concept of consumerism of which I am so against.  So I travel the world and am setting up a new life in a new place doing similar yet new work.  I am just living for the moment. Besides you never know when you might get crushed by a log – but that is a whole other story. Or do you want to hear that one? Maybe the story of spending 5 years of my life building a natural hybrid house. Or the 2 years I was a lead singer in a band, the two years I was married, the time I won a competition to present an award at a National TV Awards Show, or my zit commercial that I did when I was 15 years old? Then there was the three years dating an Elvis impersonator and the year I dated a man who was seeing two other people at the same time, unbeknownst to me – one being his fiance.

So these are elements of my life, my non-conformist but not so bad life. But wait, I must go catch a plane – more next time.