The Sweden Comparative

An old crane that was used to empty ships. I love how it sits off kilter.

Yup another installment into my country comparatives.  Sweden.  What can I say about Sweden?  I loved Sweden.  I love the attitude of the people, I love the pride, pragmatacism and intelligent simplicity to their life.  Think Ikea.  This is a good example that represents the logical approach the Swedish have to everyday life.

"I'm singing in the rain ..."

When I got to Stockholm I was overwhelmed by how much culture was part of Sweden that I found very alluring.  Knitting and heavy warm sweaters for the cold winters, the fantastical stories of trolls, the viking history which brings with it leather goods, runes, metal works, ships, their simply designed often red wood homes, their meticulous yards and the beautiful surrounding forests, lakes and ocean.

Building details

For the most part the people are healthy and very active.  With short summers they make the most of the warm weather and sunshine and rarely does bad weather seem to stop them or get them down.  They are sun worshippers.  In the winter they make the most of the snow, skiing, cross-country skiing, skating, still getting outside and being active.  You don’t see a lot of white bread, it is whole grain bread, dark bread, heavy bread.  Food is oatmeal, fish, eggs, cheese.  People still enjoy coffee and beer but everything is enjoyed in balance.

Wonderful natural Sweden

Having not been impacted by much damage of the World Wars, the architecture in many places provides a story of the centuries.  There is a cleanliness to its design, colours, presentation.  Not as many people as I would have thought speak English.  But you get by.  And certainly everyone is friendly and are happy when you try to speak the language.  And if you pay attention and listen, it is not too hard.

The narrow streets in old Stockholm

I would have to say that the biggest downfall of Sweden is that it is very expensive.  I have not got to Norway yet, and I understand it is even more expensive, but Sweden was definitely pricey.  I think you can still visit and not break the bank, but it is a place like Australia, expensive to visit but easier if you actually lived there and earned a living there.  People are paid accordingly.

An old rune presented at Skagen

So I loved the country, I loved its culture and I loved the easy going open-minded attitude of the Swedish people.  Definitely a  place to visit.  I must go back.

Lottie and Mike on the deck of their house.