Luxembourg Comparative

Like a little Switzerland

I have been going through my country comparatives list and I realized that I had not posted on Luxembourg in such a fashion.  Of course my comparatives list is mostly just comparing the country in a general sense to Canada and life in general.  I have mentioned Luxembourg to some people and I get a range from those who really like it to those who don’t think there is much to say about it.  Well granted I only went to Luxembourg City and only for two days so perhaps a thorough comparative is not that fair.  But my impressions for those two days are my impressions.  And I really liked Luxembourg.

A funky round house

The main city is not a huge place – I believe its population is about 400,000 but it is located in a very historical and beautiful geographical location and has had quite a history.  It is a crossroads of three cultures – Germany, France, and Belgium.  So you have history and multi-cultural presence – all the things I love.  I loved it in that it was the first place I could use my french on my travels, and french that I could understand.  Having four languages to choose from is great.  It definitely had a distinct international feel to it compared to Germany where I had been staying during this visit.  And I am sure the same feel would occur if I was to be visiting from France.  And I loved the fact that there is such diversity.

Old stone buildings - I believe this used to be part of the brewery

Given that it is an international financial centre can help explain its diversity.  There are lots of men and women in suits scuttling from one place to another.  There is the very proud royal presence and the ancient and restored impressive buildings.  Costs are on par with the rest of Europe although I did find some pretty good deals.  There was only one main hostel in the city so accommodation choices are a bit lacking in that regard, but it was a big hostel and well located.  I loved the  massive fortress in the middle and the river valley villages on all sides each with their own story and character.

One of the many river valley villages

Of course whilst I was there the weather was excellent and the people friendly.  The city is very walkable.  The massive fortress was dismantled when the country became neutral and thus the reason why so many for the historical structures are in various states, but they have made a point of maintaining and restoring those bits that are left and providing a full picture of what it might have looked like.  For a little country I found that Luxembourg had lots to offer.  I would totally visit there again and would even live there.  But that is because it works with me.  Not everyone would find it so compelling.  But I loved it.

Arches and buildings, up and down, combine to give a cosy historical medieval feel