Belgium Comparative

Laughing it up one night in Brussels

I figured it was about time that I finish of my country comparatives.  What can I say about Belgium.  It totally caught me by surprise how much I loved it.  I was only in Bruges and Brussels but really enjoyed my experience.  I had wanted to get to Gent and Antwerp but I was enjoying chilling in Brussels too much.

St. Cathrines Church. This area boasts a range of seafood restaurants.

Brussels is an amazing city with such an international flare.  I love that french, english, german and flemish are spoken there.  And I can totally understand the french.  That is the main language in Brussels.  Other parts of Belgium, flemish is more common.  Also the history there is fantastic.  But there is a very welcoming feel to this country.  Given that it also houses the headquarters of the EU lends itself to opportunities work wise.  There is also a significant immigrant population.  This does impact its character but I think in a good way for the most part.

Looking down on Brussels - but in a good way

Cost wise, I found that Brussels was pretty reasonable.  If you stayed out of the main tourist centre you could eat at a fairly reasonable cost.  Groceries are not overly costly.  The people are quite friendly as well.  I think just its diversity combined with its history makes it a pretty special country worth visiting.

The eclectic and diverse buildings. I love the skinny one.

Also its location is so central that it is a great place from which to visit many parts of Europe whether by plane or by train.  The weather also is generally good.  Given that only a small part of it is actually right on the ocean, it really experiences more inland weather.

It's all in the detail

I definitely have put Brussels on my top 5 cities list and hope to actually spend some time living there.  We will see what the future brings.  And another good perk is that I have friends there too.

It's the people you meet ...