Britain Comparative

Beautiful Edinburgh Castle

Ah, Britain.  What can I say about Britain.  Well actually I should say United Kingdom since it is the United Kingdoms of Northern Ireland and Britain and Britain includes the countries of Scotland, Wales, and England.  It does become a little confusing.  It did make me question what constitutes a country as I had a number of debates with people as to whether Scotland was a country.  However, Scotland does have its own parliament, but Britain is ruled by one leader.  So this is still a question I don’t have an answer for.  But in anycase, and I have not visited Northern Ireland, for now I will say it is Britain that I love.  Actually I have not been to Wales as of yet either.  So for now I can only speak about Scotland and England.

Ancient rivers retain their beauty

Well I love both of them but I am particularly drawn to Scotland.  Not only for its amazing geography but also for its distinct culture.  I love all things Scottish.  The kilts, bagpipes, golf, tennis, haggis, Robbie Burns etc… Well also the Norse background as well.  Given that the population of Britain is something like 58 million and only 4 are in Scotland, there is also less congestion up there.

Iconic images

But England too has its charms.  Throughout all of Britain what I love are the little villages and towns surrounded by agricultural land.  I love the history, the castles, the diversity.  It really is not a place that would disappoint.

My favourite little Dean Village

The pound is at a good rate to the Canadian dollar.  There had been times when it was $2.50 to the pound but now it is at $1.60 so that is much better.  I found that for the most part relative costs are the same in Canada as they are in Britain, although some will tell you they think it is more expensive in Britain.  Housing, yes, is more expensive, but food, eating out etc… to me is the same.

Nature, trails and the wild ocean

Then there is football.  Well of course I love the game and between rugby, football and cricket, there is always lots to watch.  I definitely would be going to games if I were living there.  Edinburgh is my favourite and I am considering that being one of the places I relocate to for awhile.

The haunting Corfu Castle

There’s just so much to do in Britain, from the cultural side to walks and hikes.  Walking trails cannot be blocked from public access.  These historical trails are protected which I think is great.  Then again, I also love the ocean and Britain is surrounded by the ocean.  But you also have mountains, lakes,  highlands, lowlands and parks.

The stories that could be told ....

I would have to say though, of all countries I visited this time around, and not comparing Britain to the States, that Britain definitely has the fattest people.  This was notable when you get there.  Throughout Europe you see how different countries have different levels of obesity and well, Britain wins hands down.  It really is a shame.  But I have to attribute part of that to the food.  You don’t go to Britain for the cuisine.  It is heavy on the carbs and fats and really not that creative.  Lots of pies and stews.  If you want good cuisine go to France or Italy.

Ancient towers still remain as a reminder of the past

But regardless, I love the country and I think it has a lot going for it.  Some cities are better than others but you really can find something that appeals to you regardless.

The actual original Roman construction capturing the thermal spring in Bath