Iceland Comparative

The famous geysir blows

Spectacular Iceland.  Yes this is only a country of 320,000 people and it is the youngest land mass on the earth, but it is amazing.  All the things you can do there and the distinct Icelandic culture.  They speak Icelandic and it is very similar to the other Scandinavian languages although I am told it is closest to Danish.  Of course most of them speak English too.

The beautiful durable and colourful Icelandic horses

For a country, the only country, that was allowed to go bankrupt in the last recession because no other country figured they were important enough to save, they really are the lucky ones.  Because of the natural path that their financial sector was faced with, they have since been able to build back up and get their feet under them again.  Independently.

One set of spectacular falls

Tourism, is of course a growing industry.  Their unemployment is only 7.2% which is pretty good compared to the rest of the world.  Things are expensive there, similar to Sweden, but for Icelanders living there, their heat and electricity is free due to what nature gives them in the form of geothermal water.  And in a colder country, that is certainly worth it.

The spectacular waters of the blue lagoon

There is so much to do as well.  Surrounded by this rugged volcanic land and glaciers, there is hiking, caving, thermal pool bathing, diving, snorkeling, volcano visits, skiing, riding, northern lights etc… It is definitely a country that encourages outdoor activities and exploration.

lava fields, moss and mountains

They have a strong culture based on their Norse and Viking heritage.  This is seen in their Icelandic horses, sheep and the related products, elfs,  wool products, spas to name a few.  It is still a fairly homogeneous society originally founded by Irish monks and Vikings.  There are and were not indigenous people.  The people are beautiful and hardy.  I really enjoyed Reykjavik and did not have nearly enough time.  This is definitely one country I have to revisit.

Beautiful colourful and clean downtown Reykjavik. Party town!