Bournemouth Hosts its Most Successful Airshow EVER

The amazing Lancaster bomber

And it was amazing.  I headed down there with my friends and sat on the beach on a glorious sunny hot day and watched an amazing array of aviation acrobatics.  It was marvelous.  They say over the course of the four-day festival, Bournemouth tourism estimated at 1.3 m people visited the event with nearly half a million attending the flying display and night events on the Saturday alone. And it was amazing and even better in great company.

The Red Arrows fly by as I managed to get a shot of them - very difficult with display only camera

The oldest aircraft in the show was the 1930s Royal Navy torpedo bomber the Swordfish and then the more modern RAF’s Typhoon jet.  I personally found the Lancaster bomber to be the most impressive just trying to imagine hundreds of them in the sky during the war when one alone had an impending presence.

Love is in the air - what a gorgeous day for an air show!

Now I have seen the snowbirds in Canada do their show a number of times and they are impressive too, however this show just had so much more history and more variation of aircraft including the Hurricanes and Spitfires.  Again – a result of being that much closer to history.

glorious sunshine

I think the only negative is given Bournemouth’s location at the end of Britain as a coast city with windy roads and an over abundance of people, is the congestion.  One does get a little spoiled in Canada with our space.  But so be it.  It is a beautiful location and receiving exceptional attention this year, not only for its great beaches and activities but the weather has been very cooperative as well.

The busy Bournemouth beach

All in all, life is good.  🙂