Edinburgh Castle


I have been to Edinburgh Castle many times in my life and I think it certainly is a castle that everyone has to visit at least once so they can strike it off their bucket list.  It is magnificent to look at from afar as it sits so powerfully on the top of the old volcano that made Edinburgh what it is today.  It is definitely one of the most attractive castles to photograph.

One of the many beautiful buildings within the castle grounds

One of the many beautiful buildings within the castle grounds

Once you are within the Castle walls there is a great history to track and stories to follow. St Margaret’s Chapel, within the Castle grounds, is the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. An example of Romanesque architecture, it is a category A listed building. It was constructed in the 12th century, but fell into disuse after the Reformation.  St Margaret

I didn’t take as many pictures upon this visit to Edinburgh Castle having been there many times before.  And the one thing I have noticed the last couple of times I have visited is that given it is such a famous castle and attracts abundant tourists, no matter what time of year you go there, it is uber busy.  I find with that many people crawling about it is hard to get into the romance of the Castle.  There were line ups to get into a number of buildings, which for this reason, this time I skipped.  But if you have the patience and time, you can see Scotland’s crown jewels, the Stone of Destiny, three military museums and the Prisons of War exhibition.horse

As always I look for the interesting things to photograph and as I mentioned, it is still a castle one should try to see at least once in their life.  Besides, Edinburgh itself is such a beautiful city and it is part of its iconic skyline.  However, the contrast of this Castle to the experience of Craigmillar in regards to its ‘packaging’ to the public, I prefer Craigmillar.  But then again I have always preferred the path less taken.