Blazing Sunshine and Deer

So the deer here on Gabriola are a bit like rats, they are everywhere and they have no natural predator on the island.

I can’t deny that they are pretty darn cute, but they eat your plants and flowers if they can get to them and leave their poop everywhere.  But here at my friend’s place there is a whole herd that make the place their home.  Here are two bucks just hanging out in their afternoon spot under the tree in their back yard.

One of the problems on the island though, is that well meaning residents, especially new residents, end up feeding the deer and creating a false carrying capacity that doesn’t exist on the island and then there are too many.  So come winter many of them starve and die.  They do have a hunting season but not very many get culled.

I used to work for GROWLS which is the wildlife rescue group on the island and I saw a lot of starving and diseased deer.  So the lesson here, is not to feed them and let nature determine how many the island can support.

Blazing sunshine this morning – the sun just coming up at just before 6 am.  Up early, time to go for a run, and do some work on the property before it gets to hot.

Gulf island living – can’t complain.  And people think Canada is always cold and full of snow.  Silly people.  Ignorance is bliss isn’t it.  But, shhhh, don’t tell anybody, otherwise they will all rush to want to live here.  🙂